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Phil Guarneschelli

Philip Guarneschelli, former president of UPMC in Central Pa., retired on September 30th, 2022, after serving the Central Pa. community for more than 36 years. The UPMC Pinnacle Foundation is honored to have had the support of Phil throughout his tenure. From attending Foundation board meetings and presenting retired employee updates to supporting our fundraising events and providing thoughtful, experienced guidance, Phil has always been loyal to the staff, mission, and needs of the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation.

The UPMC Pinnacle Foundation wishes Phil all the best in this new chapter of life and thanks him for his years of selfless leadership and service.


Remembering Robb Hanrahan

The UPMC Pinnacle Foundation was deeply saddened by Robb Hanrahan’s passing in July 2022. Robb was a highly valued and tremendously committed member of the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation Board and a former patient of and outspoken advocate for UPMC Central Pa. The immense gratitude he shared with staff, board members, and caregivers brought inspiration, hope, and generosity to the forefront wherever he went.

We are grateful for the opportunity we had to serve UPMC Central Pa. patients and the Central Pa community alongside him.

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By The Numbers


Number of new donors in 2022
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Total number of donors in 2022

One of the First

in the Country:

Cumberland County Launches
4-Minute City Program

Is your local soccer field equipped with an AED? Your community center? The gym next door? In the minutes that matter most, when a life can be lost or saved, having an AED on hand means everything. 

That’s why the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation is proud to partner with The Peyton Walker Foundation as we bring one of the first 4-Minute Cities in the country to life in Cumberland County. This exciting initiative wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of donors like you. 

The 4-Minute City aims to increase survival rates in the event of an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. By deploying Avive Solutions’ intelligent connected AED technology along with over 300 new AEDs throughout Cumberland County, we will provide the community with access to an AED well before first responders arrive on the scene in the event of a cardiac arrest – and ultimately within 4 minutes of a call being made to 911.

Stories of Gratitude:

Sidney Freyermuth

For Sidney Freyermuth, June 24th, 2019 started like any other day – until he had a sudden cardiac arrest at work. His co-workers immediately called 911 and administered CPR, and when EMS arrived, they used an AED twice to stabilize his cardiac rhythm. 

After being transported to UPMC Harrisburg, where he was treated by Dr. William Apollo, Sidney went on to make a full recovery. His gratitude for the doctors who saved his life has remained in the years since his cardiac arrest, so in February 2023, he reunited with his care team to thank them.

"I wanted to show my appreciation to the people that saved my life... and you guys are unsung heroes. You saved my life. I felt compelled to let you know I am doing good."

24 Hours of Incredible Generosity:
Give Local York

Each May, generous donors in York County show their support for the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation through Give Local York - a 24-hour day of giving to support community projects and make incredible things possible. 

UPMC Memorial

At UPMC Memorial in York, Give Local York donors supported the Farm to Hospital program and the creation of a fresh food stand on campus. Your generous support of this project will allow the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation to partner with local farmers and co-op operators to provide greater community access to fresh food and education on wellness initiatives.  

UPMC Hanover

Thanks in part to the generosity of Give Local York donors, UPMC Hanover recently completed renovations to further enhance the care of patients experiencing behavioral health emergencies, increase space for rapid assessment of incoming patients, and improve the fast-track area for urgent care patients. These improvements and modernizations will enhance the patient experience, comfort, and health outcomes for patients in our community.

Celebrating Our First Graduating Class of Passport to Success Students

In 2022, donors like you provided incredible opportunities for students in need. The Passport to Success program, supported in part by the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation, develops job candidates ages 17-24 from minoritized, underserved, and economically challenged populations.


Not only does Passport to Success provide four weeks of work-life skills and four weeks of on-the-job mentorship, but upon successful completion of the program, candidates are guaranteed an interview for an entry-level position within UPMC Central Pa. Our first Passport to Success cohort graduated in June 2022.

Making Genetic Counseling Accessible:

The Dr. Gene and Elizabeth Triano Family Genetics Counseling Fund

Thanks to the new Dr. Gene and Elizabeth Triano Family Genetics Counseling Fund, genetic counseling is more accessible than ever before for UPMC Central Pa. oncology patients. 

Genetic counseling identifies mutations that make patients and their families more likely to develop certain types of cancer. It's another important piece of early detection, like mammograms, but until now, this service has been cost-prohibitive since it often isn’t covered by insurance. 

"[Patients who receive genetic counseling] and their family members now have a better understanding of their cancer risks as well as the various steps they can take to help reduce these risks," says Meagan Smith, Manager of Genetic Counseling. "Additionally, some of these patients are able to tailor their cancer treatments due to medications that are now available to them based on their gene mutation. These patients and their families will be forever grateful for these opportunities."

Stories of Gratitude:


michelle (1 of 1).jpg

No one understands the importance of genetic counseling better than Richard Cook, an oncology patient who benefitted from this new fund. After receiving his diagnosis, it was important for him to make sure his family was aware of the risks. Thanks to the genetic testing and counseling he received, he not only helped several family members to form an early intervention plan, but his results also identified a gene mutation that could be linked to a specific treatment that was more effective for his case than chemotherapy. 

Thanks to this modified treatment, Richard is now in remission, and he knows genetic counseling wouldn’t have been accessible to him without the support of donors like you. “

The family that set up this fund and those who donate to it, are another set of angels that God put on this earth to say, ‘I’m going to help you with this battle.’,” said Richard.


Stories of Gratitude:

Kelly Luster

Kelly Luster comes from a family whose legacy of military service dates back a century, so it was no surprise when he enlisted to serve at age 17. After several tours overseas, his last deployment to Iraq left him with a debilitating spinal injury that would eventually require surgery. Because Kelly was able to choose the neurological surgeon he wanted for his treatment, this journey led him to UPMC Central Pa.


UPMC Central Pa.’s Veteran Care Services office was invaluable to Kelly as he was receiving treatment. This remarkable team collaborates with surrounding Veteran Affairs Medical Centers to coordinate care in UPMC and the VA for veterans; from scheduling appointments, sending messages to providers, and coordinating continuous services, all the way through the continuum of care ending with billing. “Before interacting with this office and this staff, billing was a constant problem,” Kelly says, “and this team really helped.” From beginning to end, they were there for Kelly, coordinating his care and offering support every step of the way. 

“I’m fortunate, in that I have resources. I can still work. There are [veterans] out there who don’t have that…so just helping one veteran at a time is worth it.” 

2022 Events:
A Year In Review

Our events make an incredible difference for UPMC Central Pa. patients and programs, and they wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of donors like you!

A Summer of Golf


With roots that stretch back to 1888, the Pinnacle Health Auxiliary has a long history of supporting the needs of the UPMC Central Pa hospitals and residents of central Pennsylvania. The Auxiliary accomplished so much in 2022 – from supporting scholarships, the Children’s Health Fair at UPMC Harrisburg, and Stork’s Landing, which provides supplies to new parents in need, their generosity made a tangible impact on UPMC Central Pa. patients. 

The Auxiliary also reopened the Bailey House in 2022, a free home away from home for patient families. A unique service of the Pinnacle Health Auxiliary, the Auxiliary annually contributes approximately $75,000 to support the Bailey House, which provides convenient, overnight accommodations for adult family members of patients treated at UPMC Central Pa. hospitals.


Thank you to the Pinnacle Health Auxiliary for their selfless dedication and support for the wellbeing of our patients.


The Cornerstone Circle is a group of individuals who continually demonstrate the spirit of philanthropy through cumulative giving of $1,000 or more annually to the UPMC Pinnacle Foundation. Many donors choose to support specific programs and initiatives, while others support immediate needs by designating their gift to the area of greatest need. As the cornerstone of our giving community, these generous donors ensure that we meet the needs of those we serve as the most caring, innovative, disciplined, and trusted healthcare system in central Pennsylvania.

Mr. Eugene J. Anastasio, Jr.

Mrs. Cindy P. Banducci

Mr. Louis A. Baverso

Ms. Cheri Bechtel

Mr. Robert Bentley

Dr. Ralph D. Bledsoe

Ms. Karen L. Botts

Ms. Lisa M. Brigham

Andrea Britton

Mr. Melvin J. Brownold

Mrs. Rebecca Bruce

Mr. Phillip J. Calvanelli

Mrs. Lynn C. Carson, Ph. D

Mrs. Diane Triano Cerminara

Mr. and Mrs. Craig Comp

Dr. Kenneth and Victoria Curry

Mrs. Michele A. Conway

George Czar

Kathy Darowish

Mr. Bony R. Dawood

Tanya M. Dayton

Mr. Tim Deimling

Dr. Timothy Deimling, MD

Mrs. Darshana Desai

Ms. Andrea M. Dietz

Mr. Adam R. Dimm

Dr. and Mrs. Richard J. Ditlow, Jr.

Ms. Victoria Doll

Mrs. Ellen D. Doughty

Dina Duffy

Dr. Francis J. Duggan, Jr.

Mrs. Barb L. Emberg

Darren Evanoff

Charles R. Fields, DDS and Vickie A. Fields

Mrs. Diane M. Evans

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fine

Mrs. Kimberly A. Fowler

Ms. Judith A. Funk

Mr. Adam D. Garrison

Mr. Michael W. Gaskins

Ms. Joye A. Gingrich

Dr. John D. Goldman

Ms. Ann H. Gormley

Ms. Lynn Graham

Mr. James E. Grandon, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Brian Greth

Mr. and Mrs. George F. Grode

Mr. Philip W. Guarneschelli

Mrs. Margaret I. Hathaway

Mrs. Amy M. Helmuth, R.N.

Mr. Brian Hess

Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hickey

Mrs. Kathleen H. Hogan Flinn

Mrs. Kristen R. Hollinger

Mrs. Amy K. Huck

Mr. Joseph J. Iandolo

Jonah Jackson

Ms. Teri J. Jakob

Jarrod Johnson

Susan J. Johnson

Ms. Barbara Keiper

Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kirchhoff

Mrs. Jean D. King

Mrs. Kelly E. Lesh

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Libby

Mrs. Roslyn M. Lindeman

Mrs. Michelle Loomis

Ms. Judy S. McAllister

Mrs. Lori J. McClintock

Mr. Harold A. B. McInnes

Eric Meachum

Mrs. Deborah S. Miller

Mrs. Kathy A. Miller

Ms. Tracy Miller

Dr. Rupen Modi

Mr. Patrick Mooney

Mrs. Mary Lou Mortimer

Ms. Claudia Mott

Dr. Kimberlee Mudge

Mrs. Donna I. Muller

Mrs. Carol A. Muriceak

Mr. and Mrs. Chad A. Myers

Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Myers

Mrs. Cheryl M. Newman

Mrs. Tina L. Nixon

Mrs. Stephanie A. Okum

Ms. Christina J. Persson

Mrs. Lori L. Pulaski

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pullo

Mrs. Gina M. Pupo, RN

Jenna E. Rembecki

Julianne Rich, MD

Ms. Elizabeth Ritter

Ms. Rene Ryan

Dr. and Mrs. Robert G. Sanford

Mr. and Mrs. David A. Schankweiler

Mr. Timothy Schoener

Jose A. Serrano, MD

Mrs. Ann L. Shields-Young

Eileen Simmons

Mrs. Ursula A. Siverling

Dr. Craig A. Skurcenski

Dr. Michael F. Smith

Ms. Maria A. Sneeringer

Dr. and Mrs. Paul F. Spears MD

Mrs. Linsey R. Stitt-Germak

Mr. Gregory L. Sutliff

Dr. Sameera Syed, MD

Ms. Shayla S. Thompson

Mrs. Susan K. Thompson

Dr. Lisa K. Torp

Mr. Nicholas D. Triano

Mrs. Julie Trogner

Mr. Kurt A. Twiford

Mr. Evangelos L. Tzanis and Dr. Nia Tatsis

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Wagner

Dr. and Mrs. Timothy P. Walsh

Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Weston

Ms. Deborah J. Willwerth

Mrs. Leigh Ann Wilson

Bill Wolfe

Mr. Anthony Worrall

Mr. Christopher P. Young

Donald Young

Mr. Robin R. Zellers and Ms. Glenna A. Marino

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